I have been a chef for over 28 years and have worked in all areas of the food and beverage industry from fast food to fine dining and everything in between. When I was younger my focus was on learning as much technique as possible and creating a new unique dish. Although that is still present in my chef soul, I get a lot more gratification from sharing and teaching and being able to see the joy in the people I am helping. Things that seem so basic and part of my daily routine are sometimes mind blowing to the nonprofessional cook. My goal is to talk about hot topics that are out there in the food world and I will try to work them out to help you make better decisions with what you buy and what you eat. Most importantly I want to share my love for food and cooking and why it has kept me completely focused for nearly 30 years. I will let you get inside my mind and how I look at both recipes and use ingredients to create dishes of your own. Put down the recipes and begin to cook with your heart and you will be surprised of the inner chef within yourself. I will let you in the mind of a chef and show you my perspective when I go about cooking and creating dishes. How I pair ingredients with others and bring out the true balanced flavors to make your own creations stand out. Using recipes can be boring and mundane and often be off-putting to people wanting to cook. The recipe that you want to recreate can be so confusing to read and follow that it scares you away, when in actuality the dish can be prepared in a much simpler way with a simple shift in your thought process and how you approach the whole dish. We are going to talk about how to maximize the ingredients that you are using to bring out the best in them no matter what it is that you are preparing. In saying that I will show multiple techniques to get the same result and let you the reader, choose which path you want to take. I will break down the pros and cons of each method which will also allow you to understand what you are dealing with Often times it is best to start at the end with how you want the final product to look and then work backwards to help you get a better vision on what it is that you are trying to achieve the with final product. Knowing what the final dish will be will help you along the way like mental guidelines. With the financial crunch out there, people are looking to eat on a tight budget. Students out there or people leaving their parents’ home for the first time and are learning about how to survive on as little money as possible will benefit from following me. Breaking down product and ingredient comparison will help you get your shopping done in the right way, all while still eating a healthy diet that is balanced. I believe that after being a chef for so long that it is important to constantly be evolving and learning about new recipes, techniques and how to use ingredients is something we all have to share and hopefully I can bring people together in discussions to help each other out.

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